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Tanning the Northland

Duluth and Hermantown's upscale tanning salon and boutique. Relax and soak in the rays in our spa style atmosphere. We offer a variety of UV beds and booths, as well as Red Light Therapy. Prefer UV-Free? We offer custom spray tanning by a professional certified technician and licensed cosmetologist.  We have the largest selection of tanning lotions and skincare; intensifiers, bronzers, moisturizers, sunless mousses, gradual lotions. Shop our boutique section with BN swag, beach coverups, apparel, beanies, hats, scrunchies, jewelry, candles, locally made Knotty North gifts, and so much more. 
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  • You have 5 minutes to prep before the bed will automatically turn on. ​

  • You have 5 minutes to leave the room once the bed has shut off. Please be prompt as this can disrupt the next customer's prep time. This is especially important during non-staffed hours or anytime the touchscreen-kiosk is available. During non-staffed hours there is no way to reset the time for the next person.

  • Use the Pamper Station to do your hair and makeup after your session. There 2 stations; one in the front hallway and  one in the back hallway. The stations have great makeup lighting and are stocked with wet wipes, Kleenex, q-tips, hairspray, and dry shampoo.  

  • Remove all jewelry before using UV Beds. Jewelry will scratch the acrylics. 

salon policies 

  • Outdoor and Oil-based products are strictly prohibited in UV beds. This includes aerosol sunscreen and baby oil.  If caught using any of these products you will no longer be allowed to use UV beds. 

  • No unmonitored children in the lobby. Children are not allowed in the rooms. 

  • Only 1 person in room at a time. 

  • All 24-hours club members are required to disinfect beds after use. You must leave the room clean and organized. If found to habitually leave room dirty or un-sanitized bed after use, your 24-hour access may be revoked. 

  • Packages and Memberships are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and non-shareable. We do not refund for unused package or memberships. 

  • No account freezing or pausing. Packages and Memberships will not be extended for unused time. 

  • Custom Spray Tan customers that are under the age of 18 must have signed parental consent. 16 years and younger must have a parent or guardian present during service. 

  • Cancelling Memberships must be done in written form and within contract terms. Ask the receptionist for the Memberships Cancellation Form. Month-Month may cancel after the 2nd payment. 6 month commitment may cancel after the 6th monthly payment. The auto-billing will continue after the 6th month but then you are eligible to cancel.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age to use UV tanning beds. We card!

  • You can tan once every 24 hours. 

  • Must use protective eyewear when UV tanning. Goggles are provided in each room and stored in disinfectant jars. Goggles and disposable Wink'Ease are available for purchase. 


Hermantown Square

5094 Miller Trunk Hwy. Suite 750

Hermantown, MN 55811